About This Fellow Named Above

Hello, fellow travelers on this series of tubes we call the internets. Thanks for stopping by my particular tube and gracing us with your presence.

I'd like to take just the briefest of moments to introduce myself, as that seems like something a good host might do. My name is David and long ago I decided to keep up my own little corner of the virtual online culture exchange, the latest version of which you see here. I'm a native Texan, now living in the lovely rolling hills of Tennessee (it costs extra to keep the hills rolling, but we've received generous roll grants from Conhugeco, a division of Ein Kleine Deutschemarke Inc., which is in turn a subsidiary of Matsuhikosan Enterprises. Long live the Republic!)

I began keeping a semi-regular to hardly-regular blog around the time I released my first book, generously titled "Dr. Lewis B. Turndevelt's Big Book of Forewords." It's a light romp of a tale, good for the most of the family (I would never presume to know what all of your family likes to read). Originally released several years ago, I've recently given it an overhaul with lots of new content. If you'd like to download a copy, you can either find it on Amazon or also via NoiseTrade. If you would like a print version of the old-but-still-physical edition, you can order one through paypal here:

Some day I hope to have enough free time to finish/write another one, but in the meantime I'll probably sporadically post things here on the site. Please come back and enjoy the sporadicness.


Email me at:
david (at) davidrperry.com